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I help companies overcome their business challenges, get more customers, and grow.

Adapt to your customers

Learn to adapt to the changing needs of your customers, get up to speed with the current and future trends, and ensure the success of your business.

Grow your business​

I can help you develop by applying innovative techniques that offer more value to your customers. Make sure you solve their problems and exceed their expectations.

Design new products

Launch new products that will outperform your competition and design them with the customer in mind. Create products and services for the future.

How can I help?

Innovation Simplified - Vlad Dumbrava

Adapt to the market and to your clients' needs

You always need to adapt to the clients and the market. Their needs and expectations are changing every day and your business has to meet and exceed these needs in order to stay on top of the game.

Uncover and solve your business challenges

Each business has its challenges, and you have to predict and solve them before they even arise. There are simple ways to make sure you’re always running the company optimally and towards success.

Innovation Simplified - Vlad Dumbrava
Innovation Simplified - Vlad Dumbrava

Design new products or services

When designing and launching new products, you need to make sure they offer real value to a specific target audience. Your product has to be well defined to match the perfect audience.

Design a modern website

Your company’s website is the first point of contact in the online world. You need to make sure it’s relevant for your audience, has the right functionalities, and looks in a way that makes them fall in love with your brand.

Innovation Simplified - Vlad Dumbrava
Innovation Simplified - Vlad Dumbrava

Digitalizing your business

We all know that technology is changing everything, but does that apply to your business? You have to constantly be on the lookout for new solutions to digitalize and optimize your business.

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Marketing & Branding

Reshaping your business

CLIQ Digital


The fine art of innovation

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Innovation Simplified - Vlad Dumbrava
Innovation Simplified - Vlad Dumbrava
Innovation Simplified - Vlad Dumbrava
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Who am I?

An open-minded person that wants to facilitate change in the world. Tech-enthusiast, travel lover, and festival-goer, I aim to transform every day into a memorable experience.

Innovation Simplified - Vlad Dumbrava