Innovation Simplified - Vlad Dumbrava
CLIQ Digital

Case Study

Innovation Simplified - Vlad Dumbrava

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CLIQ Digital


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Who are they

CLIQ is a digital marketing and media sales company with locations in multiple cities in Europe. They use mobile payment methods and bill users for entertainment content, sports, games, and more, straight from their mobile phones.

I have been a Business Development intern here for six months, and I discovered the world of digital marketing and mobile payment technologies.


CLIQ Digital


The goal of the project

The project I had to do was an innovation strategy for this extensive corporation with multiple offices, hundreds of employees, and a rigid structure.
Innovation was not considered by the company, and the management was more focused on the numbers than anything else, just like most organizations.
How do you innovate big companies like this one to better serve their clients?


The outcome

It turns out that sometimes it's better to do less than more. The company's priority was to get as many new subscribers as possible. Based on the quality and variety of the provided content, it was not going as expected. CLIQ already had a well-performing asset, which was the DCB (Direct Carrier Billing) platform.

The idea was to focus on offering this platform to businesses and individuals that may profit from it more than the customers that were interested in the media alone. I provided the Business Development Department with this strategy, containing complete research and implementation plans.


My experience

Working in such a large organization allowed me to see this world as well. The most striking fact about corporations is the huge number of people you can reach and what impact you can have on their lives. That's why I find it important to work with the big players in every industry and try to get them thinking about the value they can provide instead of the numbers.

I'm offering a free, easy-to-follow innovation guide