Innovation Simplified - Vlad Dumbrava

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Innovation Simplified - Vlad Dumbrava

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Deva, Romania

Who are they

A real estate company from Deva that assists people in finding a perfect home for their needs and helps sellers with the tedious process of finding a buyer. They work traditionally, communicate with all stakeholders directly, and only had a listing website where clients could see the available properties.


The goal of the project

The digitalization level of the company was low. With just a listing website and a basic database with clients and properties, there was a lot of room for improvement.

Newimob was looking for someone that could help them improve their processes, redesign their website, and create a digital platform that would not only target the buyers, but also the sellers.


The outcome

We've worked together towards the company's goals trying to understand the problems of the users and how to solve them. Another priority was to make it easier for the agents to manage everything, even when on the field. They had to fill in data about the sellers and their properties on the go, which they were doing on paper.

One of the final deliverables for Newimob was a new custom website, with a modern look and key functionalities that would help the agents streamline their process.

The second thing I've built for them was a custom CRM that would serve as a database for both buyers and sellers, a link to the website for properties, and a system available anywhere to help them on the field.

Newimob's website

My experience

The company is now back in the game with modern solutions that are working for the employees and for the clients, not the other way around.

I enjoy working with open-minded companies that acknowledge the need for change and innovation and realize they have to adapt to survive.

I'm collaborating with this company on other aspects as well such as IT services and marketing strategies.

I'm offering a free, easy-to-follow innovation guide